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Being an established local business in Nowra, Bliss Conveyancing has provided valuable expert conveyancing services to the local community for several years. Including suburbs such as Berry, Kangaroo Valley, Shoalhaven Heads, Huskisson and Jervis Bay. Bliss Conveyancing are not solicitors or lawyers, but specialist advisers to clients that are buying or selling property. The best news for you is that we don’t need to be near you to give the highest quality conveyancing in Nowra.

We understand that regional areas can make it difficult to find high quality conveyancing services. We make excellent use of the best available technology and use our 60 years of experience to bring you personal service, industry leading advice and affordable fees. With the introduction of Pexa settlement procedures, most of the conveyancing process can be done anywhere, which means you can spend your time on the things that matter most, like picking furniture, rather than driving endlessly for property conveyancing meetings.

From the comfort of your computer or mobile device, you can take advantage of our free contract review so that you get across the important features of your current or proposed contract.  Of course, if you’d prefer to meet in person, you are welcome to come in and see us.  We also have conveyancing offices in Sydney and Ulladulla, so that we can service the needs of South East New South Wales.

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We know that you are probably suffering from ‘advice fatigue’ right now.  Your estate agent, mortgage broker, financial planner, and probably some folks at the pub have all given you a list of the things you need to worry about.  Conveyancing is quite technical and associated with some significant risks, which is why you need conveyancing advice that is clear, concise and given by a professional that you trust.

Our service is all of those things and more because:

  • It’s valuable. The fees and charges in any property transaction can seem endless.  We overcome that with full transparency on our fees, combined with a comprehensive advice on the other regulatory and professional fees you will incur.  We deliver a complete and professional service that is worth our very reasonable fees.
  • Simplifying language. Contracts can be daunting if you are unfamiliar with them.  Our conveyancing team are experts in reducing complicated concepts into plain language that will give you a complete understanding of your obligations, as well as the other party’s obligations.
  • Balanced Communication. Our team of professional licensed conveyancers are excellent communicators. We will give you appropriate information, with your preference of communication volume and medium.  Bliss Conveyancing works hard to ensure that you are not overloaded with information, and feel comfortable in your understanding of the transaction, and safe in the knowledge that we have expertly handled every aspect of the conveyance.
  • Diverse Service Offering. Whether it’s a house, unit, shopping centre or commercial building, Bliss Conveyancing can deliver the expert services that you need to complete the transaction successfully.
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About Bliss Conveyancing

Our team of conveyancers, led by Judy Bliss, have over 60 years of experience within this industry and extensive professional relationships that enable us to help you complete your property sale. We offer a personalised service that tailors each transaction to ensure you achieve the desired outcome.

Contact us now and start your transaction with the backing of a leading professional team.