It’s beginning to look like a sale

Home Conveyancing It’s beginning to look like a sale

This time of year is not just abound with wonder and merriment, it is also common to hear scary myths about whether or not you should be conducting a property transaction.  Bliss Conveyancing is here to dispel those nasty rumours.

‘Tis The Season

It is very common to hear people expressing their opinions about whether Christmas is a good or bad time to sell your home.  The often startling truth is that clearance rates often increase around Christmas.  Some reasons for this are that Christmas creates a natural deadline where people are motivated to get in and settled before they go on break.  Also, Government agencies and large companies that relocate staff around the country, often do it in November and December so that their team starts off in the new year in the desired location.  This can have quite a significant impact on the volume of property transactions.

Festive Staging

Regardless of the time of year, staging is important for home sellers.  See our guide on how to get your garden ready.  Festive and seasonal flourishes are a good idea, just don’t cross the line into cringe cliché territory.  Remember that while everyone enjoys a summer break, they don’t necessarily observe the ‘reason for the season’ so keep it simple.

Get the listing photographs for you house done before you put up your decorations.  That way if the campaign goes into the new year, you don’t have to take a new set of photos.

The Gift Of Pricing

Get the right advice to begin with and price your home properly according to the market conditions.  Attempts at gouging the market ‘because it’s Christmas’ often create a long campaign that ends in disappointment.  A well-priced home will sell during any season, even Christmas.

Laws Of Attraction

Often people are in a bit of a rush at Christmas, and a clever marketing strategy can take advantage of that.  Make it easy for busy buyers to get to yes as quickly as possible.  You might invest an building and pest inspection reports to save the buyers time, or simply be readily available to negotiate price and execute contracts.  Work closely with your agent to attract the right kind of buyers during this busy season.

Remember, there is generally less competition at this time of year so taking some of these simple measures could assist you in getting a great price and a fast settlement.

Bliss Conveyancing wishes you and your loved ones all the best of the season and we hope you enjoy a relaxing break.

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