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Searching for a moving company can be a difficult task, as there are dozens of them. They all claim to be the best and they all claim that they have what it takes in order to make your move into a new home a much easier process than you imagined. However, how can you be sure that you choose the right company? Searching the internet for good movers can help through finding positive reviews on review sites. Most removalists will post reviews on their website, but you can also find independent review websites for an aggregate rating to guide you on choosing the right removalist. Remember one negative review should not outweigh all the positive ones. The upset reviewer may have even had their complaint fixed and the complaint not even relevant anymore.

Also, further clues can be found on the reviews like how long the removalist has been operating by date of reviews. The longer a company has been operating generally means they have more experience and customer trust. Usually, a mover’s website will also say the number of years they have been in operation. It should be a source of pride and advertised as such. Always be wary of removalists that have changed names for no particular reason, as they may be trying to distance themselves from bad reviews or negative associations.



Once you have narrowed your search for a good removalist you can find one to suit your needs. For instance, you may want a removalist that just offers the simplest of moving services or one who offers many different packages.

  • Full packing service – some moving companies provide packing teams that come to your home and pack all your belongings. And can even unpack and set up your home or office.
  • Moving Box System – do you want to have boxes dropped off and collected? Are you providing your own boxes? Some removalists even have eco-friendly packing boxes that stack to make moving easier. Look at the options on offer to help select the right removalist for you.
  • Removalists Teams – What will suit you best, one or two removalists or would you like more to speed up the moving process. Ask the removalists the number of people they send and if they offer extra personnel if required.
  • Packing System  – Ask the movers if they have a system to move your possessions. Do they label the rooms or boxes to keep organised or do they require you to label and organise boxes for moving? This will be telling in how experienced the movers are – good removalists always have a moving system!
  • Reviews and Testimonials – Does the moving team you are hiring have a number of positive (or negative) online reviews. These shouldn’t just be on their own website but a number of local review websites, including Google and Facebook


Experienced Movers Make the Best Moves

There are a lot of questions that require answers from you and from the company that you are planning to hire. This is the reason why before actually hiring a moving company, you need to have all the answers to these questions. Choose a company who puts experienced packers at your disposal; you need to make sure that all your belongings are packed in an organized way. Unpacking and arranging everything in the new home is going to take a very long time if you can’t find a lot of things because you have no idea in which boxes they are.

Experienced packers will know how to avoid such a situation, so choose a company that has excellent recommendations. Asking for recommendations from a friend is very important, as this is the way in which you make sure that you don’t make a mistake when you hire a moving company. If a friend or someone in your family can strongly recommend a moving company, then call them up and ask more questions to back up the positive reviews.  The right company that will help you save money and time by sending you experienced movers who know everything about packing, transporting the belongings, unpacking them and arranging them in a new home.



Not getting quotes from three removalists – It is worth it to get at least three quotes to help you select the best mover for you. Compare price and how well they completed the quote process. It’s not necessarily the cheapest removalist that is going to be the best. Did the company ask thorough questions to provide an accurate quote? Was there an estimator to gauge the size and logistics of the movie? All of this will show you the experience and reliability of the removalist.

Be unsure of you will be charged hidden or extra fees – Ask the movers about any extra costs not included in your quote. Ask them to clarify any special charges or clauses listed on the quote. This may be in reference to you being charged for not being packed on time or the boxes not packed properly. Or even charging for off-street parking for the truck or the number of flights of stairs to your apartment.

Not Asking Questions – You are not the expert in moving, so make sure you ask the experts!  A good, reliable mover should give you all the information you need – they are the experts. But not every move is the same and there may be information the mover doesn’t provide that you need to know. Ask the following questions for more clarification.

  • Do they use subcontractors?
  • Ask what insurance or liability they provide?
  • Ask for referrals or recommendations of previous clients
  • Ask if they provide extra services and what is included in a standard move service

All of these questions should help paint a clear picture of the removalists experience and reliability. For example, if they answered yes to subcontractors this can tell you they don’t really manage your move closely and not take responsibility for any issues. And if can’t clearly state insurance or liability covered/offered by their business – steer clear!!


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