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Every property is different, and so is every person. You will have an individual relationship with your conveyancer, who will give you advice and insight specific to your personal circumstances.

Keep reading to find out how investing in a Licensed Conveyancer before your purchase can help you save money and stress down the line.

Getting trapped by these common pitfalls forces unsuspecting buyers to waste thousands of dollars each year

We’re here to help you avoid the painful mistakes which cost money down the road


Unauthorized building works

“Jessica bought a house in NSW, but the seller did not disclose that the house had an illegal bedroom. Although tt was only authorized for 3 bedrooms, the seller added a 4th bedroom years prior. Now Jessica is forced to demolish the 4th bedroom or face legal penalties. If she had known that she would face this kind of pressure, she might not have bought the house.”

Unauthorized building works means illegal construction and without the appropriate approvals. In NSW, sellers aren’t required to disclose illegal construction. If you buy a property with unauthorized building works, you could face legal penalties for something that wasn’t your fault. Our helpful team of conveyancers find out if the property you are interested in has unauthorized building works.

Cooling-off period

“Michael bought a residential property, but his expected loan from the bank never came through. To his dismay, he discovered too late that his contract didn’t have a cooling-off period. When circumstances changed, he was unable to back out and forfeited his deposit.”

Cooling-off periods are different in each state and territory. Our team’s first priority is protecting your interests, which is why we weigh all the factors to give you advice for to your situation.

Actual settlement date

“The settlement date for Ashley’s new office building was scheduled for May 21st. Unfortunately, one of the bank’s was not ready for the settlement date. Even though she wasn’t the one who was tardy, her plans got delayed.”

Did you know that 1 in 5 property settlements in Australia are unexpectedly delayed? Our team of conveyancers finds out what your actual settlement date is and keeps you informed of any factors that could cause delays.

Getting your bank loan on time

“Chris is investing in a townhouse as an investment. He needs a bank loan. Since he’s not a conveyancer, finding out what steps he needs to take is confusing. To make matters worse, the bank is ambiguous about the date they will make their final decision.”

For a bank loan to be unconditionally approved, a series of people, documents, and deadlines need to move forward in unison. If any part goes awry, the machine grinds to a halt. Our Conveyancers keep careful track of the process so that you know what your next step is at each junction.

If your mother ever admonished you to “Never sign papers before you know what they mean”

Then our friendly Conveyancers will explain what your contract really means in plain English

“Amanda is buying a storefront for her business. Her contract is pages of confusing legal jargon. At times, the contract appears to contradict itself. She wants to know exactly what she’s agreeing to before she signs.”

Our experience as licensed, highly-qualified conveyancers is how we help you understand your contract by explaining it to you in language that is not only easy to understand, but also makes sense. Because your purchase is important, we go over each contract with fine-tooth comb to leave no stone unturned.

When your schedule is packed, and your inbox is full

We will be there making the process of buying a property easy to understand

“Matt is buying a rural home in the countryside while juggling a family and full-time job. Because his schedule is so busy, he’s only available to talk at night, but most conveyancing firms close after 5 p.m.”

There are few times as chaotic as the months before you buy a property. Our flexibility and adaptability is how we fit our schedule to your needs so that we can achieve the best results for you.

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