Property Contract Review

We help people understand their contracts

We offer a contract review for anyone who wants to know what their contract means in plain English.

One of our Licensed Conveyancers will review your contract for and get back to you in within 2 business days with a complete breakdown in words that are easy to understand. Our Licensed Conveyancer will also provide you with valuable advice on what your next step should be for the best results.

For anyone going to an auction:

If you’re going to an auction, this contract review could benefit you more than anyone. At an auction, contracts and deposit must be exchanged immediately after your winning bid. Since there’s no time to back out afterwards (even if the contract is problematic) we strongly suggest having your contract reviewed before the big day.

What if I’m looking at several properties?

Many people consider more than one property when they’re considering an important purchase, please contact our office on 1300 659 231 to discuss pricing.

If your contract is longer than usual, turnaround time may be greater than 2 business days. We acknowledge receipt of every contract forwarded for a review. We read each and every one and will get back to you within 2 business days.

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